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Music out this week (7th July 2023)

Posted by Bob on 7th July 2023 in Update

If Mondays release wasn't enough for you, here are some more things released this week that may be of interest, we'll start with the albums that caught our eye

Anohni - My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross

Anohni and the Johnsons (previously known as Antony and the Johnsons) releases her first album since solo effort Hopelessness in 2016 - My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross

Gabriels - Angels & Queens

Compton soul trio Gabriels release Angels & Queens part II, well it's just the full album rather than 7 tracks originally released last year. Enjoyable with some big vocals, check out their Glasto set while it's still up on the iPlayer

PJ Harvey - I Inside the Old Year Dying

I Inside the Old Year Dying coming from the mighty PJ Harvey - Anything from the Harvey camp is always worth a listen!

Another mention is for Aluna (of AlunaGeorge), who releases MYCELiUM - I loved the AlunaGeorge Body Music album from 2013, so hopfully this will have some of same magic to it.

Little Dragon release Slugs and Love

Finally Little Dragon release Slugs and Love is also released this week.

There are also a few tracks (singles, that would be a good name for them, lets's go with that!) singles released this week to check out

Protection release Thirst Shine, this is Iain Cook of CHVRCHES side project with Scott Peterson

Tomo Nakayama releases Contigo

and... well that's all that I've got on my playlist, let us know what is on yours!