What it's all about

The site

Rawkstar.net is for almost anything music related; reviews of new releases, demos, live gigs, news etc, with a team of people from around the UK and beyond contributing to the site. There is also a forum for you to discuss what's going on and to give us your views on the content of the site.

The team

Below is the current rawkstar.net team.

  • Andreas

    From Oslo, Norway.
    Site role: Editor, contributor.

  • Ben

    From New Zealand.
    Site role: Contributor, podcaster, NZ representative.

  • Bob

    From London, UK.
    Site role: Web monkey, site administrator, contributor (when he's not tinkering in PHP/HTML/CSS...)

  • Dave

    From Leeds.
    Site role: Contributor.

  • Helen

    From London, UK.
    Site role: Contributor.

  • HelenB

    Site role: Contributor.

  • Rall

    From Souf Londin.
    Site role: Editor, contributor.


Note: 'Roles' were made up on the spot by Bob and don't really mean anything... (Don't tell Ben, he's quite proud of the NZ Rep. role...!)

Past team members

Below is a list of team members who decided to move on from rawkstar, their reviews etc. will stay at rawkstar.

Beth, Brennig, Dan, DanF, Graeme, Jack, Josh, Michael, Paul, Simon and Vicki.

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