Contact the team

You can use the form below to send the rawkstar.net team a message. The subject could be about news, reviews or anything music related! Please read the FAQ before contacting us.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I submit my demo for review?
Use the contact page and we will reply with an address for you to send the demo to.
Q. Do you accept MP3's for review?
Yes, although the preferred review method is CD we will accept MP3's, as above, use the contact page and include a web address where the MP3's are uploaded.
Q. Can you review our gig?
Yes, although it depends on the location, unfortunately we can't cover all the UK, contact the team with details at least 2 weeks in advance. Include as much info as you can, free tickets would also be a good incentive to make us travel a little further ;).
Q. I have found an error/typo etc. on the site, what should I do about it?
If the error is in a review, contact the team member who wrote the review. If it is a typo/error in another part of the site, contact Bob.
Q. Can I join the team?
Contact Bob with example reviews and some general info about you.