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T In The Park 2004

Added on 17th July 2004

Written by: Graeme

T In The Park 2004

Instead of penning an over long and brain damaging story about all the various stuff I did over the course of the weekend, I'll just cut to the chase and give a rundown of a load of bands I saw at T In The Park. So, in (vaguely) chronological order:

Dogs Die In Hot Cars

Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Their quirky Talking-Heads meet XTC songs definetly aren't to everyone's taste, but they won over a fair few converts in the afternoon sun. Pity their forthcoming album is absolutely awful...

The Beta Band - Quite how fame, fortune and massive success passed The Beta Band by is a major mystery, as they have been one of the most consistent and critically acclaimed British bands of the last 5 years. An atypically strong performance, the tracks from recent album Heroes To Zeroes go down particularly well. Same place next year then.

British Sea Power - Not best suited to playing on a huge stage in broad daylight, BSP were fairly shabby to be frank. Go and buy their album instead!

Black Eyed Peas/Pink - I only caught a little of each bands set. BEP faired far better, on account of actually having the humility to know what they can and can't do - unlike Pink who attempted to put on a vaguely embarrasing "rock" performance. Shame, as her pop back catalouge contains some choice picks.

Keane - Are really bad live (and, singles aside, not much better on record), so let's move to the main stage to watch...

Faithless - The first truly great performance of the weekend, Faithless tore the house down with a greatest hits set covering all bases. The pick of which was an incredible Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Respect was most certainly due.

The Libertines - You know what's going to be said here - a fine performance, but without Pete Docherty is just wasn't the same. The new album (recorded with Pete still in the band) is FANTASTIC. Get a hold of it.


Muse - A heroic set, musically tight, great stage show, they really should have been headlining the main stage. Very similar to the Glastonbury performance, but then is that really a bad thing?

Goldie Lookin' Chain - The Rap Darkness (TM) were an ideal way to start Sunday. The joke would probably be wearing thin if you were to see them a second time, but for now they're good harmless fun (then again, we said the same thing about the Darkness this time last year).

Razorlight - Are horribly over-rated. As are Franz Ferdinand, so while everyone were watching their "homecoming" slot, it was time to join about 50 other people in the tent to witness...

Nine Black Alps - NBA are the current subjects of a monstrous bidding war between the major labels, and it's not hard to see why. Spiky guitars, silky smooth songwriting all wrapped up in a post-grunge package (with lots of killer hooks sprinkled on top). Will be huge. Check out their website to download some demos.

Amy Winehouse - Sounded like a good idea, and for the first few songs it was. Then the long, drawn out jazz noodling started. It wasn't fun.

Hope Of The States - Blinding first couple songs, but unfortunetly the schedule gods were not smiling down on them, as starting on the main stage were...

The Pixies

The Pixies - The reason many people were here. This was it - The big comeback after 12 years off and it was worth the wait. A greatest hits set, the band were on superb form (though recent bootlegs suggest they've yet to play anything other than a great set on the comeback tour) and won over every single person watching. Fantastic (though it's a pity the recent best of compilation had such a dodgy tracklisting).

Massive Attack - The ideal comedown after the frenetic howling of Frank Black and co, a perfect way to finish the weekend (though arguably few people were in any state to objectively critique music by this point!).


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