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Added on 4th June 2005

The Britpop battle revisited. Here are Graeme, Bob and Rall's Britpop Top 10's...

First up, Graeme shows us what he thinks of Britpop...

  1. Blur - Girls and Boys
    It, quite simply, IS the sound of Britpop. As with all great Britpop anthems, the chorus can be sung with ease no matter how much alcohol has been consumed. Equally importantly, it is compatible with both dancing AND jumping around. Magic!
  2. Pulp - Mis-shapes
    Blur and Oasis were great to listen to while down the park kicking a ball around with your mates, but when everyone went home afterwards, they'd go listen to Pulp on their own. No-one ever discussed this, but we all did it. Admit it - you did too!
  3. Supergrass - Alright
    Much like Screamadelica by Primal Scream was the product of ecstasy and nightclubbing, Alright by Supergrass was clearly the product of youth, cheap cider and sunny afternoons. Somehow they managed to synthesize all that and more into a three-minute pop song. Quite, quite genius.
  4. Underworld - Born Slippy
    Not strictly a Britpop style song going by the conventional standards, but it was - and still is - a terrific single that embodied the era just as well as anything else did. Rubbish clothes, though . . .
  5. Oasis - Champagne Supernova
    Christ almighty - what's left today is little more than a self-parody, but when I first heard this back in the day it absolutely blew my mind. And then there's the whole thing where my mate came up with a theory on how the song is actually a coded message to the Stone Roses . . .
  6. My Bloody Valentine - Soon
    Okay, so this actually came out three or four years before the peak of Britpop, and on top of that it sounds like nothing else here. But it was still the rapturous psychedelic climax to many a night around that time spent just listening to records. Those most certainly WERE the days.
  7. Pulp - Sorted for E's and Wizz
    Just brilliant. What else is their to say.
  8. Suede - Beautiful Ones
    I never actually owned any Suede records, they were one of those bands that there was something quite mysterious and dangerous about. So it was always fantastic to go into my older brother's room when he was out and listen to some Suede records. Unlike most Suede tracks though, Beautiful Ones wasn't a tale of nasty drugs and sexual ambiguity, it's a wonderful Britpop style singalong.
  9. Dodgy - Staying Out For The Summer
    I've already listed a lot of singalong classics, but this probably tops them all for sheer anthemic, teenage joy.
  10. Blur - Parklife
    That riff. Just . . . that riff. (The rest of it's not bad either)

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Now, Bob tells us what his Britpop music selection is made of...

  1. Blur - Country House
    It's the song that beat oasis, showing who's best of the two bands!
  2. Pulp - Common People
    It's the song I turn up loud as soon as it comes on.
  3. Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go
    Good for shop sales... The song ain't too bad either.
  4. Supergrass - Alright
    This song has a cool vid and choppers (and not of the flying variety).
  5. The Charlatans - North Country Boy
    I like this song.
  6. Oasis - Roll with it
    I hate Oasis, but this was pure Britpop so I couldn't leave it from my list.
  7. Blur - Parklife
    "PARKLIFE - dum de dum de dum de dum dum - PARKLIFE"
  8. Kula Shaker - Sound Of Drums
    "I hear the sound of drums on a melody" - Cool!
  9. Bluetones - Bluetonic
    Good for a summer afternoon drive
  10. Pulp - Disco 2000
    * See the other Pulp Entry

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Finally, Rall shows us what her Britpop music taste is made of...

  1. The Boo Radleys - Wake up Boo
    The perfect song for a sunny mid-90's morning.
  2. The Bluetones - Marblehead Johnson
    The genius of the Bluetones is often over looked.
  3. Pulp - Mis-shapes
    Better than Common People by several miles.
  4. Blur - Girls and Boys
    I would have picked Country House for the whole Oasis vs. Blur thing. But it's shit.
  5. Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger
    I hate Oasis, but they had to be included. So I've put in their only tolerable song. Tolerable because Liam's not 'singing'.
  6. Dodgey - Staying Out for the Summer
    Summer is the only thing I can remember about the mid-90's. They were the best summers ever.
  7. Supernaturals - Smile
    Britpop spawned a host of fantastic one-hit-wonders. This being one of them.
  8. Space - Me and You Vs. The World
    Space's Spiders Fucking class.
  9. Pulp - Sorted for E's and Wizz
    I don't feel the need to justify this track. Anyone who doesn't include it should be shot. (Ooops - Bob)
  10. Supergrass - Alright

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Gravatar newt says:-

Bob has successfully listed every track on my current playlist. Now that's creepy ... LOL

3rd August 2005 @ 02:45:02 GMT

Gravatar Simon says:-

Pulp - Common People

Wins by a long long long way for me! :)

20th October 2005 @ 00:58:08 GMT

Gravatar Zoe says:-

i like this website its coolio!!

7th February 2006 @ 20:38:01 GMT

Gravatar Matt says:-

i love the comment about Country House proving Blur were better than Oasis. While Noel Gallagher could weave fantastic melodies with great lyrics Blur just came up with frankly anoying tunes. Intresting to see that Since Graham Coxon quit the band the solo stuff he has released is far better than anything Blur did. 10 years on from the Britpop era and Oasis are still massive releasing another chart topping album that has produced 3 number ones and sell out stadiums all over the world. While Damon Albarn makes singing cartoons.

20th March 2006 @ 19:45:21 GMT

Gravatar Peter J says:-

Blur are obviously better than Oasis. Blur have developed and changed whilst Oasis have stayed the same.... boring. Blurs gigs are much more fun than Oasis. More intimate, nicer atmosphere. Noel walks on stage and goes 'alright dick heads'. Bolocks to Oasis they should have packed it in years ago, or at least try and be a bit more original!

4th June 2006 @ 22:13:32 GMT

Gravatar josh c says:-

oasis are definitely better than blur, even though blur are mad for it! liam could have damon anyday...i no that has nothing to do with the music they prouduce. oasis's lyrics are far more better than blurs and the gallaghers are the coolest people ever

13th June 2006 @ 14:54:31 GMT

Gravatar midge says:-

I like blur they're original and have some catchy songs but oasis stand way above them in my eyes, so many classics and still going strong. Good lists though, britpop is the shiiit!

7th January 2007 @ 01:05:25 GMT

Gravatar love says:-

love this bands so cool!!

21st January 2007 @ 00:08:45 GMT

Gravatar Lennonesque says:-

Honestly, most of these selections are rubbish! I am missing Oasis 'Go let it out', Wonderwall, or The Verve which were beyond many others Fundamental for the whole movement. Blur has only 3 great songs. 1. coffee and tv. 2. Tender 3. songtwo, and that's it...pulp have none, sorry their singer has no voice...suede have never been that popular, guess why..supergrass re quite good. If you have such a list you should as well add Robbie Williams and Victoria Beckham or Ronan Keating...cheers

10th February 2007 @ 19:40:22 GMT

Gravatar Bob says:-

Lennonesque... You lost all credibility when you mentioned 'Robbie', Ronan keeting etc...

10th February 2007 @ 19:52:39 GMT

Gravatar Louise says:-

Blur became better than Oasis over time. I think in the Definantly maby days, that was Oasis at their very best, but they were shit with whats the story, and Blur just improved over time, but i think Oasis got shitter. Now Oasis are a load of crap, don't believe the truth was shit! I think the best blur song is Beetle bum, and the best Oasis song is liver forever, and over all i prefer beetle bum, so yep Blur is the best band!

5th June 2007 @ 16:32:37 GMT

Gravatar Helen says:-

Um... this is a bit previous, but Bob, I think he was being sarcastic. Anyway, it's all irrelevant, since anyone who thinks Blur only has three decent songs seriously needs to listen to their best hits album. Which I have a signed copy of. I win. Ner ner-ny ner ner.

21st October 2007 @ 22:08:29 GMT

Gravatar Britpopisn'tdead..it'sjustabitsleepy says:-

Why in the name of holy shit are Ocean Colour Scene not mentioned??

The Day we caught the train sums up the entire era for me!

Woh oh La La.....Repeat to fade!

17th June 2008 @ 16:01:55 GMT

Gravatar Bob says:-

Hmm, I don't quite know how I forgot them! Oh well.

21st June 2008 @ 09:17:01 GMT

Gravatar jordan says:-

guys its opinion fuckers stop saysomg blur or ooasis are better put it like this blur were better for changing
but oasis on the style they use is bette than blur in my opinion k

3rd August 2009 @ 00:35:33 GMT

Gravatar Bob says:-

k :|

6th August 2009 @ 17:57:04 GMT

Gravatar Joe says:-


And you all know it

27th February 2010 @ 13:39:43 GMT

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