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Ben and Jerry's Sundae on the Common

Date: 7th August 2005
Location: Clapham Common
Images taken by: Bob

Photos of British Sea power when they played "Ben and Jerry's Sundae on the Common". Read a review of the day (and see a few more pics) in the live reviews section.

IMG 0025IMG 0026IMG 0027
IMG 0028IMG 0029IMG 0030
IMG 0031IMG 0032IMG 0033
IMG 0034IMG 0035IMG 0036
IMG 0037IMG 0038IMG 0039
IMG 0040IMG 0041IMG 0042
IMG 0043IMG 0044IMG 0045
IMG 0046IMG 0047IMG 0048
IMG 0049IMG 0050IMG 0051
IMG 0052IMG 0053IMG 0054
IMG 0055IMG 0056IMG 0057
IMG 0058IMG 0059IMG 0060
IMG 0061IMG 0062IMG 0063
IMG 0064IMG 0065IMG 0066
IMG 0067IMG 0068IMG 0069
IMG 0071IMG 0073IMG 0074
IMG 0075

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