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Ooberman have officially reformed!

Added by Bob on 20th April 2006

L-R: Steve Flett, Dan Pop, Sophie Churney, Andy Flett(image)
L-R: Steve Flett, Dan Pop, Sophie Churney, Andy Flett

Good news all you Ooberman and soon to be Ooberman fans (Upon hearing them, you will become a fan, and if you don't become a fan we're sending the Norwegian around...).

Ooberman today launched their new website with news that they've reformed and information about their next full album! What was originally planned as a best of and rare recordings album has turned into a brand new album, full of new tracks!

Look out for more news of this here and over at ooberman.net, myspace and the Oobtube.

The provisional track list is as follows:-

  1. Carried Away
  2. Crashing Ellipticals
  3. Mary Grows Old
  4. Beauty of Your Soul
  5. Lavender Blue
  6. Far Far Away
  7. Twinkling Aurora
  8. Bong
  9. Easy
  10. Eye of the Storm
  11. My Yiddishe Mamma
  12. Rosie Mel
  13. Go to Sleep

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