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James Dean Bradfield Solo tour [sold out] and album

Added by Bob on 16th May 2006
Last Updated on 16th May 2006

London sold out in 5 minutes, Manchester and Glasgow wouldn't have been far behind.

I have two tickets to Glasgow :D



I open my email today and find the news that the Manics' front man has announced 3 small gigs to promote his solo album, details as follows:-

The email:-

The rumours are right. James Dean Bradfield will be releasing a solo album this very summer. More details coming soon. See below on how you can find out about this release first.

Meanwhile - you can sample his new material in a series of unbelievably intimate live dates. Tickets are £10 and are only available RIGHT HERE. See below for details.

  • 22nd May: Manchester Roadhouse - Tickets
  • 23rd May: Glasgow, King Tuts Wah Wah Hut - Tickets
  • 24th May: London, Barfly - Tickets

To hear about James's new material first go to his holding page (below) and sign up. Then we will let you know when the journey will begin. You will not be disappointed...

Official website coming soon

Tickets will be available from the links above after 12 pm today (Tuesday 16th May).

From NME:

"I just realised...I actually really enjoyed it a lot. Seeing 'Words and Music by James Dean Bradfield' written down actually made me feel happy. For once I've lost a bit of my insecurity," the singer said.

The mostly-self played album was recorded in Wales, Berlin and London. Although he is busy with his own solo project, Manics bassist/lyricist Nicky Wire penned the lyrics for song 'Bad Boys And Painkillers'.

The album also contains a cover of Jacques Brel's 'To See A Friend In Tears'.

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