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Buen Chico New Single

Added by Dave on 6th June 2006

Buen Chico's new single will be out on the 10th of July and will be called 'Giving Your Gifts' (A-Side) and will have 'Drip Drip, Tick Tock' as the B-Side.

The single is released on the label Faith & Hope, a Manchester based indie label.

Although at time of press I have no details on the price, it will be available to download on iTunes and, there will also be a limited pressing of 500 white vinyls.

'Giving Your Gifts' won the Fresh Meat feature on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 Show last night, so congratulations on that guys.

Edit: I got the date wrong, the new date is right. Also Buen Chico were nice enough to send me a copy to review, so expect a review at some point in the not too distant future

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