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Goodbye JJ72

Added by Bob on 22nd June 2006

We are very sad to announce JJ72 have split. They were one of my top 5 bands...


After 11 years and two critically acclaimed albums which have sold in excess of 650k worldwide spawning a series of UK and Ireland chart hit singles including Snow, October Swimmer & Oxygen JJ72 have announced they are to split up with immediate effect due to record company issues. Mark Greaney is currently in the studio working on a new project with more details to be announced shortly.

Statement from JJ72

Reader, we are to let thee know,
JJ72's body only lies below;
For could the grave JJ's soul comprise,
Earth would be richer than the skies.

JJ72 was born during an Easter many seasons ago; today it dies on the cusp of midsummer eleven years later.

Mark Greaney, Fergal Matthews & Sarah Fox wish to express their deepest and darkest gratitude to all of those with impeccable taste who helped and supported the band.

"We remember everything, from mechanical birds in Japan to angels in arid Arizona, from broken bones and Berlin birthdays to predatory Portsmouth spiders. For those who disliked and perhaps despised (gasp) JJ72, thank you - how did beautiful photographs exist without a negative?!

We crafted two monuments of magnificence for the future aural pleasure and pain of all would be JJ believers and doubters....and for those who care not for the passing of the petulant yet powerful pup....shame on you! Thank you to Hilary Woods for being a dazzling damsel and thank you to all who played music in/with the band. You know who you are."

JJ72 decided it was the end as it did not want to undermine its achievements by continuing a ridiculous argument with a label that would not be able to support the release and touring of the third JJ opus - a label who lost funding from Sony/BMG some time ago.

I would still love to hear the new album (which was recorded and ready for release i believe), but i doubt i ever will :(

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Gravatar andreas says:-

so, what, their 6 fans are mourning the loss? (don't kill me, bob)

22nd June 2006 @ 23:57:32 GMT

Gravatar Dave says:-

Don't worry Bob, given the current trend they will reform in about 10 years and release some godawful albums.

23rd June 2006 @ 07:29:05 GMT

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