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'til the day (of easyworld?!)

Added by Bob on 13th November 2003
Last Updated on 11th January 2004

Easyworld will release a new single entitled 'til the day on the 19th January 2004

The single will be available on 2x CD singles and a 7" vinyl.

The band will also be signing copies of their new single and performing live in HMV stores at the following dates:-

  • Mon 19 - Eastbourne PowerPlay 17.00pm
  • Tues 20 - HMV Manchester - 17.30pm
  • Wed 21 - HMV Birmingham - 17.30pm
  • Thurs 22 - HMV Southampton - 16.30 (signing only)
  • Fri 23 - HMV Shrewsbury - 17.30pm (signing only)

They will not be playing live in Southampton and Shrewbury but will have a prize draw to win some copies of the new album, video's, t-shirts and signed memorabilia.

The new album, "Kill the Last Romantic" will be released on the 2nd of Feb.


Tracklistings are as follows for the singles:-

CD 1

  • 'Til The Day - Single Mix
  • Heaven Knows You Will
  • Luka

CD 2

  • 'Til The Day - Radio "Shitless" Version
  • Straight To Video


  • 'Til The Day - Album Version
  • California

Here is what Dav had to say about some of the b-sides on the easyworld blog

Yes, still going on about our American cousins. this time no guns and fast food but a reminder of the westward drive that lent a geographical totality to the USA. so where next. We were considering this at the time of the album session but I took ages over the words and it got shelved.

Straight to video:
This is an up-tempo, noisy rock&roll track especially for those who complain about the lack of up-tempo, noisy rock&roll tracks in our current repertoire. The new winner of shallowest moment competition. Love it and hate it.

Heaven knows:
Sounds loosely borrowed from the last Johnny Cash album (he wont mind) but a nice tune and a lyric about the joy of getting over it.

Lying in a single bed with the metaphysical blues again:
All I remember about metaphysical poetry from school is that it all seemed like a collection of stupid arguments designed to get women into the sack. Smoky jazz seemed a far more appropriate style for this type of sentiment. This is, of course, not our most fluent musical genre but hey, it's a b-side and in the spirit of adventure, features my world debut trombone solo.

There will also be the traditional cover version too."

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