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An alternative, and legal-hassle-free, alternative to MySpace?

Added by Ben on 7th September 2006

If you're worried that unlike the Arctic Monkeys, someone is going to somehow wantonly rip off your music on a MySpace account or similar websites, have no fear anymore. As of today, Musoswire have set up camp on the Internet, allegedly providing independent and unsigned musicians somewhere they can sell their material online, keep the copyright and not get lost in the mad world of the music industry. They get a fair deal - so does the website.

There will be a sign-up fee for the service, however musicians can then set up how much the wish to sell their material for, needing only to ship a small stock of CD's. Musoswire then handles all the orders and, surprise surprise, take a small 'fixed-price' commission from each sale for warehousing and order handling. What's left is sent to the artist.

The good news is that there is no biding contract to the company, therefore should you for some reason wish to part ways with them, and perhaps a bigger deal in that they are non-exclusive, so if you've got an album of power-pop Cliff Richard covers... chances are you've finally found somewhere to sell them...

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Gravatar Dave says:-

"no binding contract" sounds like fun

8th September 2006 @ 00:26:46 GMT

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