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Ze Suicide treading down the seventies route?

Added by Ben on 20th September 2006

Stevie Ze Suicide was previously a member of the legendary Punk band the UK Subs, playing drums on several albums including their Top 20 gold albums 'Diminished Responsibility' and 'Endangered Species'.
Quite a history but there was an unstoppable power in Stevie. Enough of being in the shadows it was time for Stevie to take centre stage, the urge to develop his own, new direction. Stevie has emerged as a fully fledged performer in his own right with a fantastic stage presence and persona. His debut album Ze Suicide is out now.

To celebrate Stevie is doing what any self respecting King of Noize would do...he is forming a 70's super group to turn up the volume and annoy the neighbours. The band features Trevor Bolder (Bowie guitarist and Oasis producer) on guitar and Woody Woodman (Uriah Heap) on drums, Stevie completes the line up on guitar and vocals.
A set of live dates will be announced shortly


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