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Frank Iero Ill

Added by Helen on 2nd April 2007

Apparently this is actually juicy enough to make news (and it isn't on their official website), so here you are kids:

Frank Iero is ill. I know this because I saw it with my own eyes. The My Chemical Romance rhythm guitarist took ill on stage during the final concert at Wembley Arena on Friday night, for unknown reasons.

No, I didn't poison him, but only because I wasn't clever enough to think of it.

Iero, 25, 5'4", IQ=64, who also owns clothing company and music label Skeleton Crew, will be replaced by Cortez for the last legs of the sold out European tour. Lead singer Gerard Way explained that this was because Cortex "has been there from the very beginning," allaying fears that the replacement emo might not be crap enough to fit in.

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Gravatar chloe says:-

Helen u are sooo right about frank i was at the concert iswell 30th march i cant remember what exactly gerard said but i think he said 'if u scream as loud as you can maybe frank would hear you in the dressing room' awwwww poor frankie i hope he is okay now i think that kinda ruined the hole concert but it was still amazing especially when gerard was wheeled inn in a hospital bed.Besides i dont think frank was feeling fine at all because he was always playing the guitar on the floor and not rocking out like Mikey or Ray i witnessed all of it because i was right at the front i was crying because of that =( But yh as i said it was gr8 anywayz luv u mcr till the end x p.s gerard u looked well hot with black hair shame u dyed it though i loved it blond though lol no i love it the way it is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx frm mcr rocker chloe emily louise laws age=13!

25th April 2007 @ 19:58:03 GMT

Gravatar Beth says:-

Aah ):
Get Well Soon Frank!
I've heard Loads of storys about whats wrong with him, but i'm not sure if they're true.
I Hope Not :|
anyway, fingers crossed he gets well soon!
Mcr isn't Mcr without him.

14th November 2007 @ 18:13:10 GMT

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