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Death of the Nightlife

Added by Dave on 10th April 2007

Apparently its not dead and is on its way.

From the band:

"ok here we go...
BAD NEWS, we got told the album is coming out may 7th... 1 week later than we thought. AAARRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! just when we thought it couldn't go back any more.

THE REASON... the general decline/changes going on within the record industry.


GOOD NEWS, as a result of coming out one week later the album will be a lot more widely available and easier to find in big record shops, which i guess is good if you live in a town which doesn't have any indie record shops.

it's still a pain. sorry everyone. this was totally out of our hands. this has to be the last delay. it just has to.

i can't wait for this record to come out. seriously.

x x x x x x x"

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a May 7th release, I suggest you all do the same.

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