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Over My Dead Body: The Hot Puppies

Added by Bob on 24th April 2007

The Hot puppies are set to release a collection of songs which pre-date their debut album 'Under The Crooked Moon' entitled 'Over My Dead Body' (Strays, Black Sheep and Bsides 2003-2005). It has a release date of 9th July 2007, but can be ordered through their official site now.

Over My Dead Body

The tracklisting is as follows:-

  1. I left my heart
  2. Party
  3. Closed to sin
  4. Blood on the moon
  5. A small killing (on this day)
  6. Turn your eyes to me
  7. Harum scarum
  8. All we've got to do is kiss
  9. Relentless (intro)
  10. Relentless
  11. Girl crazy
  12. Eat your makeup
  13. Under the crooked moon
  14. The band keeps playing

They are set to release their second album, 'Blue Hands', later this year.

Also, they have the following Festival appearances coming up:-

7th July – Blissfields – HAMPSHIRE
21st July – Wakestock – NORTH WALES
28th July – Secret Garden – CAMBRIDGESHIRE
10th-11th August – Tapestry West – SOUTH WALES

Expect a review of the new album soon, you can read a few live reviews and an album review here on rawkstar from the following links:-

Terry/Love in Practice Not Theory - By Andreas
Terry/Love in Practice Not Theory - by Dave
The Hot Puppies (The Picnic Solution, The Clouded Lights, and Buen Chico) - 31 May 2006 at Joseph's Well - by Dave
Under The Crooked Moon - by Andreas

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Gravatar Dave says:-

We also have an exclusive interview, but I think Andreas ate it.

27th April 2007 @ 18:21:40 GMT

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