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Help She Can't Swim

Added by Dave on 30th April 2007

So, the eagerly anticipated second full length album from Help She Can't Swim is out on 7th May 2007 and is available to pre-order now from Fantastic Plastic.

The tracklist is:
1. pass the hat around
2. idle chatter
3. kite eating tree
4. hospital drama
5. apes and pigs at the vulture coliseum
6. i think the record's stopped
7. midnight garden
8. box of delights
9. all the stars
10. just be social
11. dragged under a wave
12. never the right time for us

Those of you who buy the 12" vinyl will get a bonus track:
why don't we just hurt ourselves?

The album will be available in the usual ways CD, Download and Vinyl.

I've been counting down the days.

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