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Ooberman - The Lost Tapes - Coming September 2007

Added by Bob on 3rd June 2007

Ooberman are set to release their next album in September, it's called 'The Lost Tapes' and contains rare and unreleased recordings once thought lost from as far back as 1991!

Here is a description from Mr. Dan Popplewell himself:-

Ooberman's lost tapes(image)
Ooberman's lost tapes


A fascinating insight into
Ooberman's beginnings, these
rediscovered old gems from as far back
as 1991 are supplemented by recent
rarities including one truly outstanding
new track 'You're Too Beautiful'.

As eclectic and unfocused as ever, Pet
Shop Boys-influenced synth pop sits
happily alongside acoustic, prog, punk
and folk experiments, all wrapped in a
familiar melodic and wistful
romanticism - a collection no one fond
of Ooberman should miss.

Running in date order, most of the
tracks were recovered and restored from
old cassette and DAT tapes, many of
which were thought to have been lost
forever in a burglary.

The earlier recordings chart
Ooberman's pre-indie band days as
home recordists when founders Dan
Popplewell and Andy Flett would post
cassettes and lengthy critiques back
and forth between Liverpool and

Many tracks come from 1994, a
big recording year for frontman Dan
- he'd finished university, was on the
dole with a lot of time on his hands
and found himself with a bunch of
new recording gear paid for by
being a medical research guinea pig.
Most music recorded before then
was too rough for release, while the
following years marked the
beginnings of Ooberman's ascent to
minor indie fame with most
subsequent recordings therefore
released on albums and B-sides.
Old gems are supplemented by a
glorious 2007 track "You're Too
Beautiful" - a dramatic Sophia fronted
pop symphony due for the
forthcoming 'Magic Theatre'

While much has been done to
clean up audio problems on the
earliest tracks, be prepared for a few
tape drop outs amongst the wistful
folk leanings and sparkling synth
pop monsters.


1. Growing Old


2. Loveshit Ricochet
3. Time Hurts
4. I Know What You're Saying
5. Don't We Make A Pair
6. Ride Me Home
7. Blossoms Buds
8. Bubbles Bursting


9. Brave Men And Beautiful Women
10. Drum Song Without Hat (live)
11. Come What May
12. Rebels For A Day


13. Rosie Mel
14. Heavy Duty
15. Pills For Popplewell


16. You’re Too Beautiful

It will be available on CD and as a download.

Remember to get your copy of the Ooberon (Steve and Andy Flett side project) album and the current Ooberman album from Townsend records or iTunes etc.

Ooberon - Waiting for the Sonic Boom on iTunes
Ooberman - Carried Away on iTunes

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