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Top 40 Single for Irritant

Added by Dave on 21st June 2007

Black clad metal fans rejoice! Irritant's debut single 'Voice of the Siren' is Top 40 bound according to pre-sales figures, making them the second unsigned band to make it into the UK Top 40, you go guys!

The single will be available from the band's special single sales website, described as "...Iron Maiden for their generation" they are probably worth checking out if you like to rock your head back and forth while playing air guitar.

In other metal type music related news a Swedish heavy metal fan has been granted disability benefits because he is addicted to heavy metal music.

Roger Tullgren's wages will be subsidised by £65 per week by the Swedish government, proving once and for all that listening to metal is a handicap, not a choice.

I wonder if my crack addiction will get me some benefits. Yum benefits.

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