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Fleet FM's The Bored Housewife Radio Show and Rawkstar.net hook up

Added by Bob on 24th June 2007

The Bored Housewife Radio Show is happy to announce a working agreement now between Rawkstar.net, a European based music website, and the show. This is beneficial to both parties, as Rawkstar now sees somewhat of an expansion into the Southern Hemisphere, while the show, presented by journalist Benjii Jackson, of Rawkstar.net, now reaches a broader range of listeners due to the website hosting the two hour show, broadcast on Fleet FM (www.fleetfm.co.nz for online listening), as a podcast which will soon be available through iTunes.

This may usher in a few more shows affiliated with Fleet FM as far as podcasts are concerned, as the station has seen a large rise in listeners both in it's home-base of Auckland, New Zealand as well in Wellington and online.

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