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We Are Scientists to support Kaiser Chefs [sic]

Added by Rall on 27th June 2007

Coming to an arena near(ish) you, late 2007. We Are Scientists will be following Kaiser's around, which is a shame since the Kaiser Cheifs are now crap and it's not really worth paying £30 to get only 30minutes of W.A.S.

See below for a transcript of the W.A.S. mailing...

You peckish piranhas:

You ask and we have responded. At least two of you have
specifically requested that we go out on tour with the gentleman
Kaiser Chiefs this fall. Only god knows how many more of you
have desired that this should happen, but been too shy to voice as
much. Possibly millions. Perhaps only hundreds of thousands.
Does it matter? Is this a numbers game?


Yes, it's a numbers game, and here are the numbers that matter:

29! Tickets go on sale to the general public this Friday, June 29th,
at 9(!) a.m. (see box offices & www.gigsandtours.com ).

27!! But there's a pre-sale! It starts today, Wednesday 27 June,
at 9(!!) a.m. To get in on it, you'll have to navigate your internet web
scanner to www.kaiserchiefstickets.co.uk (click ticket icon at
the top of the page). Only because you are on our mailing list or
are our myspace pal *AND* have not sinned in the last
36 hours are you able to get in on this!

But those aren't the only numbers you'll need:

21 NOV --- Exeter Westpoint Arena

22 NOV --- Bournemouth BIC

24 NOV --- Cardiff CIA

26 NOV --- Birmingham NIA

28 NOV --- Nottingham Arena

30 NOV --- Manchester Evening News Arena

3 DEC --- Sheffield Hallam FM Arena

4 DEC --- Hull Arena

10 DEC --- Newcastle Metro Radio Arena

14 DEC --- London Earls Court

Can't make heads or tails of any of it? Those are the when's and
where's, folks, wake up!

Now for our final trick. Take all the numbers so far, add them up,
and what do you get?

0871 2200 260! The 24hr ticket line that opens Friday morning!
How did we do that? The devil taught us math! There are

some We Are Scientists

p.s.: As you may have heard if you watch TV or read a daily
newspaper, we're in Sausalito, California, right now recording a
new album (tentatively titled "What # of $ Do That Cost?"). Hit
www.wearescientists.com/news for constant updates --
sometimes so constant that they seem continuous! It's like you're
on the phone with one of us all day and all night, all week, all
month, and we're just feeding you the news AS IT HAPPENS. And
yeah, like any phone call that lasts 7200 hours, there are long,
super long quiet spells, but god, that has to be considered natural.

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