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We Are Scientists Tour

Added by Rall on 31st August 2007

I'm pretty sure that I'm on the W.A.S. mailing list but I had discover this from NME.com.

Why are all the bands I want to see touring when I'm on holiday? Having said that, note there's no London gig scheduled here, which could either be slotted inbetween the Swansea and Oxford dates or some Christmas gigs. They could also fit a Glasgow date in before Dundee. But that's just a wild guess.

November 2007:
5th - Preston 53 Degrees
6th - Whitehaven Civic
7th - Edinburgh University
8th - Leeds Met University
10th - Surrey University
11th - Leicester University
12th - Keele University
13th - Norwich Waterfront
15th - Peterborough Cresset
16th - Derby University
17th - Plymouth University
18th - Southampton University
20th - Swansea University
25th - Oxford Brooks University
29th - Banger University [sic]
December 2007:
1st - Skegness The Big Reunion
2nd - Warwick University
7th - Dundee Fat Sams Live
9th - Inverness Ironworks
13th - Northampton Roadmender

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