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The Hotel Cafe Tour

Added by Dave on 22nd April 2008

Last night I was lucky enough to witness the wonder and spectacle that is the Hotel Cafe Tour and now I'm going to tell you where you can go to see this glorious, musical... being.

This is the second time the Hotel Cafe has brought a bus full of unsigned and often unheard of artists over to Europe and hopefully the trend will just keep on going.

This year we are treated to Tom McRae, Cary Brothers, Jim Bianco, Catherine Feeny, Brian Wright and Greg Laswell, all of whom are excellent.


  • 22nd April - Club Academy, Manchester
  • 24th April - The Ark, Edinburgh
  • 25th April - Oran Mor, Glasgow
  • 26th April - Barfly, Birmingham
  • 28th April - Thekla, Bristol
  • 29th April - Concorde2, Brighton
  • 30th April - Kings College, London

There are more dates for you continental types over at the tour's official website, which is below.

The format of the night is more like a miniture festival than a regular gig and is a thoroughly enjoyable night, so go see it. Now.

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