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PJ Harvey album and single on the way

Added by Rall on 5th March 2004
Last Updated on 31st May 2004

The album, UH HUH HER, is out now! Buy it, or she'll come after you with a big gun. Or something.

The first single 'The Letter' from the eagerly anticipated new album 'UH HUH HER', will be released on 2xCD and 7", with three new tracks:

CD1: 'The Letter'/'The Falling'
CD2: 'The Letter'/'The Phone Song'/'Bows and Arrows'
7": 'The Letter'/'Bows and Arrows'.


The album will be called 'UH HUH HER', it will released on 31st of May. A single, 'The Letter' is due to be released on May the 17th.

The tracklisting for the album is:-

  • The Life and Death of Mr Badmouth
  • Shame
  • Who The Fuck?
  • The Pocket Knife
  • The Letter
  • The Slow Drug
  • No Child of Mine
  • Cat on the Wall
  • You Come Through
  • It's You
  • The End
  • The Desperate Kingdom of Love
  • The Darker Days of Me & Him


According to Polly's official website, her follow up to Stories Form the City, Stories From The Sea is due this summer, coinciding with her appearances at The Zenith in Paris this June (23rd). She will also be appearing at the
Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona this May (29th).
Check out her website for more details.

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