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Cruxshadows Tour!

Added by Vicki on 25th May 2004

The Cruxshadows have announced a tour, starting in Europe, this includes a London date and a Birmingham date, but these are yet to be announced on the official site but will be added as soon as they are confirmed.

For now:

27. May Deutschland-Karlsruhe, Substage
30. May Deutschland-Leipzig, WaveGothicTreffen 2004 (Agra-Halle)
04.06.2004 F-Marseille, Le Poste A Galène (incl. Cabaret Etrange-Party)
05.06.2004 E-Malgrat De Mar, Sala B-Side
06.06.2004 E-Barcelona, Sala KGB (with Causal)
10.06.2004 D-München, Feierwerk (with China Touch)
11.06.2004 D-Krefeld, Kulturfabrik (with Minerve)
12.06.2004 D-Hannover, Secret Garden-Festival (with Deine Lakaien, Mesh)
14.06.2004 D-Frankfurt, Nachtleben (with guests)
18.06.2004 tba
19.06.2004 CH-Luzern, Musikzentrum Sedel
20.06.2004 I-Milan, Transilvania live
26.06.2004 GR-Athens, An Club
02.07.2004 tba
03.07.2004 F-Paris, La Fleche d'Or (with Tamtrum)
06.07.2004 D-Kiel, Tucholsky (with Amatris)
09.07.2004 SE-Karlstad, Club Radium
10.07.2004 SE-Stockholm, Club TechNoir
12.07.2004 DK-Copenhagen, Café Rust
15.07.2004 D-Bielefeld, Triebwerk
16.07.2004 B-Dour, Dour-Festival 2004
17.07.2004 NL-Rotterdam, Baroeg
21.07.2004 D-Berlin, K17
23.07.2004 PL-Malbork, Dark Entries-Festival (Castle-Festival)
24.07.2004 D-Berga, Dark Feelings-Festival

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