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Jimmy Eat World

Added by Bob on 29th July 2004

From NME:

JIMMY EAT WORLD have confirmed details of their new album 'FUTURES'.

The album, the follow-up to their 2001 breakthrough 'Jimmy Eat World', is set for release in the UK on October 18.

A single, 'Pain', is scheduled for October 11.

The album's tracklisting runs:

  • Futures
  • Just Tonight
  • Work
  • Kill
  • The World You Love
  • Jen
  • Pain
  • Drugs Or Me
  • Polaris
  • Nothing Wrong
  • Night Drive
  • 23

Keep an eye out here for tour details promoting the album!

JEW are also featuring on a 'FUTURE SOUNDTRACK FOR AMERICA' fund raising CD compilation.

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