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Easyworld - How did it ever come to this?

Added by Bob on 30th July 2004
Last Updated on 3rd September 2004


HMV didn't stock CD1, but you can still get CD2 and the Vinyl from them. CD1 is available from Virgin.


Easyworlds new single "How Did It Ever Come to This?" will be released on August 30th.

[update - I've added image of the CDs artwork]


The formats and tracklistings are:-


  • A - How Did It Ever Come to This?
  • B - This Guy

2 Track CD

  • 1. How Did It Ever Come to This?
  • 2. Celebritykiller

Multi-track CD

  • 1. How Did It Ever Come to This?
  • 2. Young Hearts Run Free
  • 3. You Can't Tear Polaroids
  • 4. How Did It Ever Come to This? Video (enhancement)

Polaroids is a Jo original, Young Hearts is a cover by Dav, and This Guy was recorded live by Glenn (drummer) and Paul (easyworld official site webmaster) so make sure you buy the vinyl!

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