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Muse release 2 more singles from Absolution

Added by Bob on 7th August 2004
Last Updated on 9th September 2004


Butterflies and hurricanes Artwork:-

- CD, - Vinyl, - DVD


Muse are to release 2 more singles from Absolution in quick succession!

A live version, from Glastonbury 2004, of Apocalypse Please will be released as a download only single on August 23rd, after their appearance at V. The track will be available exclusively from bignoisemusic.com and 60p of every £1 spent will go to Oxfam's 'Make Trade Fair' campaign.

Apocalypse Please will be in the race for the first ever official download number one. It's up against Jet, Zero 7 and Westlife... So, all you Muse fans better go and buy it!

The second single, 'Butterflies and Hurricanes', will be released on September 20 and will be available on CD, DVD and 7".

The CD version will be the first ever release to utilise u-myx technology - a unique new concept in interactive audio mixing, allowing fans to remix the track’s component parts without any specialist skills or equipment.

Watch the Butterflies and Hurricanes vid:-

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The butterflies and Hurricanes tracklist is as follows:-

Butterflies and hurricanes CD single:
1. Butterflies & Hurricanes (Full length)
2. Sing for Absolution (Live BBC Radio 2)
3. U-myx technology (more info below)

Butterflies and hurricanes vinyl:
1. Butterflies & Hurricanes (Full length)
2. Butterflies & Hurricanes (Glastonbury 2004)

Butterflies and hurricanes DVD:
1. Butterflies & Hurricanes audio
2. Butterflies & Hurricanes video
3. The raw video edit
4. "The Groove in the States" - ten minute doc of the band in the US

Sadly, as you can see, there will be no 'new' songs from Muse with this release.

There will be a competition on the official site with the U-myx technology. Whoever makes the best remix of Butterflies & Hurricanes (judged by the band) will win a mini iPod and signed memorabilia.

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