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John Peel forever...

Added by Bob on 26th October 2004

Tributes have been flooding in from bands such as Super Furry Animals, Blur, Manic Street Preachers, Mogwai and more... for the legendary John Peel, who died today while on a 'working holiday' in Peru.

1939 - 2004

You can read more info on the many news sites out there... check the links below and discuss on the forum.

Michael Eavis has announced that from next year, the New Bands stage at the Glastonbury Festival will be renamed the John Peel stage. John went to Glastonbury many times, and presented the BBC's coverage of the festival.

rawkstar team tributes

"I don't think many people realised just how much influence he had until he was gone, a true testament to a man who probably had more to do with what we listened to than we care to admit" - Michael

"Unmistakable voice, he is just one of those people many generations have grew up listening to and an amazing person. He will be sadly missed..." - Bob

"I believe that there are very few people in the western world who have not been changed for the better as a result of what John Peel has done." - Jack

"John Peel did an invaluable job at introducing so many bands to such a wide audience, his influence to popular culture in the west in immeasurable. He will be missed so badly." - Brennig

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