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Open Season for British Sea Power: new album and tour details

Added by Bob on 23rd December 2004
Last Updated on 2nd February 2005

British Sea Power follow up to 2003's debut 'The Decline Of...' with 'Open Season', out on the 21st of March.

The tracklisting has been announced, and it is as follows:

  • It Ended On An Oily Stage
  • Be Gone
  • How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?
  • Like A Honeycomb
  • Please Stand Up
  • North Hanging Rock
  • To Get To Sleep
  • Victorian Ice
  • Oh Larsen B
  • The Land Beyond
  • True Adventures

They will play 2 shows prior to the album release:-

Friday 11 February High Rocks, near Tunbridge Wells.
Saturday 12 February Grasmere Village Hall.

Here is what British Sea Power had to say about the new album:-

"The new album title is not as bold, not as distinctive as the first one. But the ongoing ten-year plan dictated something less wordy, less knowing at this point. Something... simpler.

"We hope that you will grow to love the name Open Season almost as much as you will love the music that goes with it. And, on the basis that even deaf men will dance to these tunes, we feel sure you will love this album. There is a streamlining of the flow, but there are also songs about honeycomb, guillotines, longshore drift, the human heart and the vast, collapsing snowscapes of Antarctic ice shelf Larsen B. Do not worry. There will be enough for everyone."

British Sea Power have announced a 7 date tour for April 2005, Tickets are available from the usual outlets.

  • Weds 6 April Bristol Anson Rooms
  • Thurs 7 April Birmingham Academy
  • Fri 8 April Leeds Blank Canvas
  • Sat 9 April Edinburgh Liquid Room
  • Sun 10 April Manchester Academy 2
  • Mon 11 April Norwich Waterfront
  • Weds 13 April London Forum

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