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At The Drive-In Compilation

Added by Rall on 13th April 2005

V2 are to release an At The Drive-In 'anthology' (worded very wisely I feel, in the knowledge that the ex-band members (well, two of them) would never in a million years release any thing actually called a best-of) complete with a bonus DVD of videos.


The release date in scheduled for June 6th '05 and the tracklisting is on NME.com. I'd put it here myself, but it's too much effort.

Effort by Bob

  1. Farenheit
  2. Picket Fence Cartel
  3. Chanabra
  4. Lopsided
  5. Napoleon Solo
  6. Pickpocket
  7. Doormans Placebo
  8. Metronome
  9. 198D
  10. One Armed Scissor
  11. Enfilade
  12. Non Zero Possibility
  13. Incetardis
  14. Autorelocator
  15. Rascuache (Vaya Remix)
  16. This Night Has Opened My Eyes
  17. Initiation (BBC Lamacq Session)
  18. Take My Stethoscope And Walk

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