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New Rhodes single and tour!

Added by Andreas on 11th May 2005
Last Updated on 26th July 2005

London-based poprockers New Rhodes have announced the release of their third single, as well as a tour to support it.

The single, "From the Beginning" will be released on the 15th of August, available on CD, 7" and as a download single.

The tracklist for the single is:-

  1. From The Beginning (CD, 7" + Download)
  2. You Should Know Better (CD + 7")
  3. Open Your Eyes (CD only)

The band has booked a string of dates to coincide with it.

  • July 13th - Derby Victoria Inn
  • July 14th - Glasgow Nice & Sleazy
  • July 15th - Manchester Night & Day
  • July 16th - Leeds Faversham
  • July 17th - Bristol Ashton Court Festival
  • July 19th - London 100 Club

More information can be found at the band's website, newrhodes.com

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