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Didz leaves The Cooper Temple Clause

Added by Andreas on 15th September 2005

... To play with that other guy from The Libertines, Carl Bârat!!! And thus an era for one of Britain's greatest electroclash bands must surely come to an end.

The band made the following statement on their website.
Dear fans and friends of the cooper temple clause,
it is with much regret that we must inform you all of didx hammond's departure from the cooper temple clause. Though the news saddens us as much as we are sure it does you, we feel it is important to reassure everyone that things ended amicably and there is no bad feelings between anyone concerned. A brother has left the family home, though he shall never leave the family. We extend to him our love and wish him the best, and hope all of you can join us in lending him your support for the future. He shall be dearly missed by everyone and will without doubt make contact himself through the website to sign off in inimitable style. Meanwhile, the album continues apace, and we hope to begin mixing the beast in a fortnight.

So what will happen now? Will The Coopers ever be able to play 'Panda Attack' as good as they used to? Will their new album actually be any cop? Will Didz and Barat make good music? I'm shocked. Are you?

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15th September 2005 @ 22:53:04 GMT

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