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The Mars Volta - Live album!

Added by Bob on 26th October 2005

Scab Dates(image)
Scab Dates

The Mars Volta are set to release a live album next month called "Scab Dates" on the 8th of November.

From NME

The 74-minute 'scabdates' is out on November 8, and will feature renditions of tracks recorded live over the course of 2003-2005 - touring in support current album 'Frances The Mute' and 2003's 'De-Loused In The Comatorium'.

Packaging will feature the photography of longtime Volta collaborator Danielle Van Ark.

The tracklisting for 'scabdates' is as follows:

  1. Abrasions Mount The Timpani
  2. Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt
  3. a) Gust Of Mutts
  4. b) And Ghosted Pouts
  5. Caviglia
  6. Concertina
  7. Haruspex
  8. Cicatriz
  9. a) Pt I
  10. b) Pt II
  11. c) Pt III
  12. d) Pt IV

The band, who have been touring the US with System Of A Down, cap their year with a sold-out, headlining/curatorial appearance at the 'All Tomorrow's Parties Nightmare Before Christmas' event taking place at the Camber Sands Holiday Camp between December 2 and 4.

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