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The spirit of Ooberman return...

Added by Bob on 10th December 2005
Last Updated on 7th January 2006

An update from Dan of Ooberman:-

Hi there folks, I'm guessing the 3 remaining Ooberman fans in the Universe would like an update on future stuff.

Huddle round, my poor leftovers from that post Britpop hallucinatory era of imminent, never found stardom. Alas, we know there is an alternative timeline when the Oob, not Coldplay won best newcomers at the 1999 NME Brat Awards; we see the haze of righteous justice crackle in our mystic balls, only to fade back to the grim reality. A reality nevertheless of a battle fought honestly, for high values and individuality, eccentric but honest and timeless music made for good reasons, the last being commercial.

So, if you're still with me...

Ok the plan with Ooberman.net was to announce the intention to create a Rarities album, cobbled from old tapes, plus record some new things to try make it worth you having. We got the go-ahead from the distributor with the stratospheric offer of £150 each (expenses permitting), me and Andy devised the tracklist, and then... well me and Andy were really busy, him with his heroic, storming solo album, me with my commercial muzak for movie trailers, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, National Geographic, etc...

BUT!! Andy's album is done, and by the end of Jan my current project finishes and the time will return to tend to our rare collection.

Can you wait? Will it ever be ready? Pray fair bretheren, and your wishes will be answered.

Happy New Year!

Dan Pop

Ex Oobermen Stevis and Andy have announced plans to release new material which "sounds a cross between the Oob's (God bless their departed souls), and somebody else I've never heard of... Dirk Browntouch maybe...or Frank Spoon". For more info on the Oob return, read this thread on the Oobtube.

Keep and eye out here for more info on the return of the Ooberman spirit.


Dan Pop from Ooberman has also set up a site (still waiting for updates) for ooberman things at ooberman.net.


The post by Stevis on the oobtube:-


It's good to see that at least a few of you are still out there! Well I know its been a long time but Andy and myself have just about finished some new material which sounds really good (of course I 'm not going to say it's crap am I?), no but yeah but no it really does, it's taken years to pull together and it sounds a cross between the Oob's (God bless their departed souls), and somebody else I've never heard of... Dirk Browntouch maybe...or Frank Spoon. Anyway, the music's done, all that remains to be done is the art work and the printing etc...

No dates when this will be but it will be after Chrimbo sometime.

Hopefully we'll get a web presence going again soon and put some tracks on-line. Just to keep you interested here's a rough tracklisting subject to obvious change:

The Fox and Crow
National Insurance
Eye of the storm
Twilight Again
I feel like the water
1000 miles
Moonsoon song
Thunder before Friday
Spiders inside butterflies
Some people

Oh, we still aint got a name so if anybody can suggest something truly original which perfectly sums up the essence of the music, even though you haven't heard it yet, that would be splendid.

Cheers! I'll buy you all a pint.

Pass the message along that the spirit of the Oob is returning...


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