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Muse live, single and new album details - release dates and titles confirmed!

Added by Andreas on 25th February 2006
Last Updated on 2nd June 2006

Black Holes And Revelations

Update: 2nd June 2006: Added album and single artwork. - for full tour details, check muse.mu... there are just too many dates to keep up with!!

Muse are also playing Meadowbank stadium in Edinburgh as part of T on the Fringe on the 24th of August 2006 - tickets on sale now!

A Dublin date 3rd of November 2006 ad the Point Theatre and a couple of American dates have also been confirmed (check ticketmaster.com for details of the American dates).

Muse have announced that their forthcoming album will be called 'Black Holes And Revelations' and is released on the 3rd of July 2006. It will be preceded with the download single 'Supermassive black holes' released on the 9th of May 2006.

The download single will contain artwork and a b-side (which is good news, it's one of my pet hates about download singles, generally no artwork and b-sides)! I knew it was too good to be true!! The CD/Vinyl/DVD version of the single will be released on the 12th or 19th of June (formats to be confirmed!).

8th May - Radio air date
9th May - Download single
12 or 19th June - CD/Vinyl/DVD single
3rd July - The album!

We'll post the artwork and track listings when we get them!

Album tracklist as follows:-

  1. Take A Bow
  2. Starlight
  3. Supermassive Black Hole
  4. Map Of The Problematique
  5. A Soldier's Poem
  6. Invincible
  7. Assassin
  8. Exo Politics
  9. City Of Delusion
  10. Hoodoo
  11. Knights Of Cydonia

Muse are also playing radio 1's big weekend in Dundee, Scotland on the 13th May. Scroll down for a complete list of tour dates.

Album news, from NME.com

'There's a song on the album called "A Soldier's Poem", written from the perspective of a soldier, who kind of thinks "I'm out here risking my life, for what?"', he said.

Bellamy added that themes of impending apocalypse also visited on "Absolution" are more specific this time round. "There is a theme on the album, it's that kind of connection to the cycles of history where the tension builds up and then it's released. Whether it's catastrophic like a nuclear war, or whether aliens come down and it's brilliant, but there's definitely a sense that something big is about to happen."

Read the full thing here, you can find a more detailed interview in this weeks NME (15th March '06 issue).

Tour dates

  • 13th May - Radio 1 Big Weekend, Dundee (UK)
  • 5th June - Pinkpop festival (Netherlands) Unconfirmed
  • 7th June - Aarhus (Denmark)
  • 24th June - Southside festival (Germany)
  • 25th June - Hurricane festival (Germany)
  • 30th June - Werchter festival (Belgium)
  • 1st July - Arras (France)
  • 2nd July - Eurocks Eennes Festival (France)
  • 7th July - Stockholm, supporting Depeche Mode (Sweden)
  • 8th July - Quart Festival (Norway)
  • 23rd July - Vieilles Charrues Festival (France) Unconfirmed
  • 12th August - Summer Sonic, Osaka (Japan)
  • 13th August - Summer Sonic, Tokyo (Japan)
  • 17th-18th August - Austrian Frequency Festival, Salzburg (Austria)
  • 18th August - Gampel Open Air Festival (Switzerland)
  • 18th-20th August - Lowlands (Netherlands) Unconfirmed
  • 22nd August - Eden Project - Cornwall (UK)
  • 26th August - Reading festival (UK)
  • 27th August - Leeds festival (UK)

[Edit details: removed small updates and reworded entire news item with latest news, making it easier to follow - BobEd (01:02:03 04/05/06 - well, that's near enough the time & date I updated it!)]

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Gravatar Ece says:-

do they think to come to Turkey?

5th April 2006 @ 15:44:11 GMT

Gravatar Bob says:-

I don't think they have any plans to play turkey, but i'l not really the one to ask.

Do turkey have any 'big' music festivals? I can't say i've heard of any...

5th April 2006 @ 17:36:23 GMT

Gravatar Bob says:-

Ece, i was wrong, they're playing istanbul on the 2nd of september at the "Rock N Coke Festival".

14th June 2006 @ 18:38:15 GMT

Gravatar beth says:-

got tickets in november but want 2 no who is openin for them! can any1 help?

11th September 2006 @ 15:19:54 GMT

Gravatar Anna says:-

Heyyy!!! Have tickets for the gig in Dublin in Novemeber, anyone know who's supporting?? Can't find it anywhere!!!! Thanx!

28th September 2006 @ 20:54:01 GMT

Gravatar Bob says:-

I haven't seen anything yet... when i do i'll be sure to post it on the news page!

29th September 2006 @ 23:36:00 GMT

Gravatar Bob says:-

Incase you haven't seen it 'The Noisettes' are to support muse on the upcoming arena tour.

12th October 2006 @ 00:52:37 GMT

Gravatar MecK_fLizHows says:-

Im 20 years old, Im fRom Indonesia.,,.I just a little to speak in english..hehe
Im Very2 delighted wHen I heared ur New ALbum.,, mainLy is STARLIGHT.,.,FantAstic..!!
I likE The sOunds On tHat song and tHe aLBum.., BLACK HOLE AND RELAVATION.,!!!!
aCctualy Im Very2 fans oF MUSE., buT i juSt dreaMing Everyday To Meet u are.,,althougth tHis mOnth MUSE will cOmes to Indonesia( jAKArta).,,but i cant Watch u Are.,,,.,,it Cause My Recidents so Far away from Jakarta.,I live in PEkanBaru-RiaU..,.and I jusT a stuDent in one of UniVersity in Indonesia UNRI.,.oF cOurse iN Pekanbaru.,.,
I hoPe u could replay my messege.,.
Rahmat Hidayat (mecK fLizHows)
Hp: 085265356377.,
GOD LUCK....!!!!!!!!!!!

26th January 2007 @ 19:57:31 GMT

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