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Monsters4gods - Battle of the bands recording

Reviewed by Andreas on 27th April 2003

Well well, after much delay, here's the first review ever to appear on rawkstar.net :D This is about a band called Monsters4gods who hail from Swansea and (sorry guys) possess possibly the worst website ever. Well, that-s a little harsh, but it's not all that good. I did like the idea with the comic strip and all though.

Either way, let's get down to the music. Sadly there's no studio recorded demo available on their website, only some live mp3s. Firstly the quality is utter utter utter utter shite. This is bad because a) it makes it a challenging listen b) it obscures the song c) it just sucks. This isn't the optimal review, I don't feel that the recording does the band justice.

I only managed to download 3 songs off their site, I'd like to hear a few more to give myself a better idea of what they sound like, but that's life. The first song, Saltwater Town starts with a strangely psychedelic-ish guitar riff, lots of phaser. The chorus is typical rock, it's sort of catchy. It's a bit standard perhaps, but there's some rather interesting guitar work going around, so I remain interested throughout the song. Reminds a bit of early Silverchair in my ears.

Second song I'll keep you is the worst of the lot. Sorry to say it, but I wasn't impressed. It's rather short and forgettable.

Last song, Love us in Japan is, however, better. While the two other songs are a bit dodgy, this is really quite good. The song's a bit punky, complete with a quite catchy (if stereotypical) Japanese hook in the beginning of it. The chorus reminds a bit of Kinesis (interpret as you will), but the bridge is what makes this song good. Brilliant! The melody really found its way to my ear. In addition it's the song with the best performance of the lot, must be quite a killer live.

Overall, I must say that the quality of the recording and an altogether dodgy performance drags the band down quite severely. I'd like to hear studio versions of these songs, I'm sure they can do very well. I guess comparisons can be drawn to Silverchair, some Manics, a little Therapy?, and some unknown elements. If Love us in Japan is anything to go by, these people are very capable of writing good songs. Cheers!

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.geocities.com/monsters4gods


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