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Mutterfly - Better Days EP

Reviewed by Rall on 11th July 2004

The EP starts off promisingly with the energetic Siren's Call. It stands out as an opening track and is the kind of song you can tell the band enjoys playing and that probably works very well live. It may sound much better live than on record because unfortunately, the power of this track kind of fizzles out towards then end, and could probably have done with finishing 30 seconds earlier than it does. I can see where they tried to go, but I really don't think it works.

Title track Better Days is a song that might get forgotten if it was on a full length album. It has a good rhythm, uplifting lyrics and is a nice little tune, but it feels a little over long. In opposite to Siren's Call this track ends much more strongly, which saves it to some extent, but it still remains a little forgettable.

Don't Ask Why is the obligatory 'slow track'. I've tried to avoid the name Idlewild, but this track just makes them jump around my head like a small pack of excitable puppies. While Mutterfly certainly don't rip Idlewild off, there are certain little, almost unidentifiable, bits that set off my Idlewild Detector (C), and this track seems to do that more than others on this EP.

Closing song Character Flaw is certainly the best track on the Better Days EP, it's much darker and sounds like the band have found their sound in these darker songs. Its one flaw is that it shows up the singer's vocal weaknesses, but these are such that after a year of touring and heavy drinking I'm sure it'll acclimatise. Character Flaw is however a great track and probably showcases the band better than all other three tracks put together. It's a great song to leave with the listener, making it more memorable than it would have been if Don't Ask Why was the closer.

All in all, Mutterfly sound like a band who enjoy what they do, but don't quite know what that is yet, although a year on from recording this EP, I'm sure (at least I hope) they have by now. While their songs are certainly good and have their good moments, none are instantly memorable and they take a few listens to realise their impact. If Mutterfly had one outstanding track to draw you in, you'd most certainly listen again. They most certainly have a standout track in their collective brains somewhere, but when and how that will appear is any ones guess. But I'm sure it will be soon.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.mutterfly.com


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