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Sandira - Jealousy

Reviewed by Rall on 25th April 2005

Sandira have an impressively diverse background, which would probably make for a mess of a band in most cases, but they have actually managed to pull off a coherent handful of tracks.

Opener 'Jealousy' focuses on their 'ethnic/world roots' (heavy in the desert campfire drums), this is expected in a band headed by a past 'ethnic instrument' session percussionist (what a job title) for the likes of William Orbit and (most importantly) THE SHAMEN!

Unfortunately, despite being the first track it's a bit skipable. Not because it's crap, but because it's just... not... me. Obviously Sandira want to assert their various influences from the outset so as not to fool the listener before taking them any further, for the less determined however the cd may well stop here, which is a shame, because the two following tracks ('Blood Rose' and 'Lover') while keeping some of their world influences are actually quite good.

Despite the fact Sandira hail from 4 different countries and have probably only known each other for a month the music seems to fit together nicely. Being a seasoned session artiste probably helps this, but it would be interesting to see how they'd keep together live. So why don't you go to sandira.co.uk and see when you can!

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.sandira.co.uk


Gravatar Rall says:-

I should probably plug their Hertfordshire record label here, which I will do when I remember it's name.

29th April 2005 @ 16:22:44 GMT

Gravatar Sandira says:-

the co/operative record label is corrupt drive records and the band actually come from 4 differant countrys. hungary, brazil, new zealand and the uk.

which means we dont always speak the same launguage when drunk. makes for a lot of confussion.

9th May 2005 @ 17:44:11 GMT

Gravatar Bob says:-

The blurb we were given only mentioned 3 different countries (not mentioning where Sandira comes from... I'll update the review to reflect this).

Also, thanks for naming the record company... I was supposed to put that in but forgot all about it. :)

9th May 2005 @ 21:22:26 GMT

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