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Program - Big in Vietnam

Reviewed by Rall on 1st May 2005


I can't actually think of any bands/groups/whatever that come from Germany that I would actually associate with any degree of... normality. Either musically- or personality-wise. I don't think Program intend to buck this trend.

Big in Vietnam is.. erm.. interesting. To say the least. But the more I'm listening to it the better it gets. Very simple in a strange way, it seems to consist of some strange didgeridoo sounds, a drum (machine I suspect) and a bit of bass. On top of this they eventually drop the rhymes (like I know what I'm talking about), kicking in after the words "toaster... proster". Don't ask me, I'm just the reviewer.

I could use a series of long words to describe this music, but I won't because Program seem to have an actual sense of humour and so won't mind. Apparently I'm even free "to throw [the CD] away eat it or burn it." Which is nice. Big in Vietnam isn't hip-hop, but it isn't dance and it certainly isn't rock. In fact, I could go on forever telling you what it isn't and never get to what it actually is. It's also quite hard to talk at any length about one track, so I will end this right now on the words "I like it!".

They say they'll be going on a little tour in Autumn (and presumably in Germany) with "the DumDumBoys form Nizza" (whoever they might be, hopefully not the DumDums we all used to love so much) and releasing some more tracks later in the year. Find out more on their website program-berlin.de.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.program-berlin.de


Gravatar MJ says:-

you can listen to 4 new tracks on www.myspace.com/programberlin
*thanks again

6th September 2005 @ 09:20:55 GMT

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