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Nex - Demo

Reviewed by Angela Savage on 3rd May 2005

Nex is a four-piece band from Huddersfield, who are apparently “sick and tired of seeing bands pigeon-holed into a certain genre” and promise us an “eclectic experience”. Admirable sentiment indeed. However this left me unsure whether to expect a genuinely original and memorable piece of work or trite, self-important rubbish.

The vocals are very reminiscent of early-Incubus with a few System of a Down screams thrown in for good measure, and they seem overly fond of guitar-distortion, but their songs have a good structure and are inoffensive to the ear. The musicians all seem very competent, but they just don’t appear to be exceptionally innovative.

The first song Anomaly, maintains a good pace and rhythm throughout, with pleasant changes in tempo to keep the listener hooked. The vocals are strong but I get the feeling that the singer isn’t really pushing himself, and that if he did, that could increase the quality of the song no end.

The second song, Bwat, has a quirky introductory guitar riff, and the song certainly has a catchy, rolling and melodic quality to it, if a little predictable in style. I like the sudden ending, which admittedly left me wanting more.

The last song, Infra-Dead sounds like a rather bizarre combination of Offspring’s Americana album and System of a Down vocals. “Bizarre” only because such a combination works, when it really shouldn’t. There is also a slightly disturbing moment where the singer sounds a little like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, but it only serves to make the song memorable. With this song, the demo certainly ends on a positive note, and perhaps given a little more time to develop their own distinctive style, they could certainly be a band to watch out for.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.nexmusic.com


Gravatar festus says:-

i like
could be one to watch need a lot of polishing will think about buying cd .

22nd May 2005 @ 03:42:20 GMT

Gravatar bejamin says:-

nex kick ass. you should hear the new one.

14th October 2005 @ 16:02:36 GMT

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