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The Rise - Demo

Reviewed by Angela Savage on 3rd May 2005

The Rise is an indie rock band from Lincolnshire with an impressive and mature sound. The songs are catchy with a distinct Britpop feel, and their demo carries ten songs, none of which disappoint and is a remarkable feat for a demo EP.

The singer has a remarkable and striking voice, and is more than capable of entertaining the audience for their entire catalogue. The bassist also stands out with some catchy riffs, and the overall feel is well-polished and exceedingly competent. The demo is also of an excellent quality, showing off the band’s qualities to their fullest.

The third song, Miss (You Are What You Are), is particularly notable for its bouncy feel and its excellent blending of old-style blues with more contemporary indie rhythm.

The band also tackle unhappier themes in Life For Someone, their fifth track, but although competent, the song shows none of the promise of their happier tracks, and has no real hook. The song immediately following it, Your Decision, also falls flat, despite experimenting with a little piano music, and the instrumental towards the end doesn’t appear to go anywhere. These two songs are undoubtedly the low-point of the demo, but by track eight, Promise Pleasure, seems to get back to the demo’s original promise, with the guitarist and bassist working well together here.

Overall, the demo is very competent and very polished. Each of the ten songs are distinct from each other, which can be a failing for some newer bands, who once they find a style, tend to hammer it to death. However, in some of the longer tracks, the songs themselves can sound a little repetitive in terms of guitar and vocals. Still an impressive demo.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.myspace.com/wwwmyspacecomrise


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