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Mypursuitfortruth - Mypursuitfortruth

Reviewed by Rall on 19th May 2005

MPFT are a four-piece from Newport. Based on that alone I feel pity for them (I was only in the station for 5 minutes and I needed to be on prozac for the rest of the week). Lucky for MPFT though, it sounds like it wont be long before they're out of there. Their (either self- or untitled) EP may not showcase a wide-range of styles, but it shows more promise than the other CD's that have landed on the door mat recently.

Opener Winter Nights sounds like the tracks Biffy Clyro could have recorded, if only they figured out how to move the volume dial off of 3. In other words, it's great.

Second track Stick to Your Guns may not stand out as much as Winter Guns, but it sounds better thought out music-wise. It has a great atmosphere to it, until about 4 minutes in, when you realise it's still going (it's a bit of a six-minute-monster). There's definitely a little of Radiohead mixed in there somewhere, but certainly not in a rip-off way (and let's face it, you'd have to be stupid to not use something that works if you could possibly get away with it).

The issue I've been trying to avoid so far is the leads voice. I'm always ranting on about how some things work with less than able singing (Idlewild) and others don't (*ahem*Ash*ahem*). It's not that Mr. Simon's singing is all that bad, it's just that at times he seems a little earnest, which shows up a lack of strength in places. This is most obvious in the closing track A Situation Times a Million. Having said that, this is an epic piece of music in someways, and it grows on you if you give it a chance.

MPFT describe their music as 'alternative (I hate that term, my dad always says "alternative to what? Good music?"), progressive and at times aggressive'. To be honest I can't quite get the aggression, but I can feel passion, which suits me just fine.

MPFT are playing the following dates:
Monday 23rd May, The Meze Lounge, Newport
Sunday 19th June, Cardiff Barfly

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.mypursuitfortruth.com


Gravatar kieron White says:-

so if its not "alternative" how would you describe the sound.. im not be'in funny when i say that... thanks for the review...

31st May 2005 @ 18:19:43 GMT

Gravatar Rall says:-

Ahh, well I wouldn't want to go around making people's minds up for them, so I would suggest that people should go to the website have a listen for themselves and then come back here and leave their thoughts ;)

1st June 2005 @ 12:53:26 GMT

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