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Joff Winks Band - Someone Else's Words

Reviewed by Rall on 15th July 2005

Apparently Joff Winks Band won Zane Lowe's Fresh Meat thingmy on Radio 1. If only that meant more than how many friends can you find who are willing to text an annoying man from New Zealand.

When I first put the CD on I thought "Oh no, it's The Music". Luckily it wasn't and this Joff person can kinda sing.

Music-wise, Someone Else's Words isn't terribly imaginative, although it does have some nice spangley bits in it. He/They sound like they're trying to carve themselves a little bit of an anthem, with the echoes of britpop in the background there, I'd blame that for the lack of any excitement.

Having said that it's still a good little tune, if a little tiresome after a few listens (lets just say that's an artifact of listening to only one track over and over).

So anyway, go along to one of their gigs and hear some other songs, because you should never judge a band by the new single.

Joff Winks Band will be touring with Joseph Arthur this month (where I assume you'll be able to buy the 7" single):

  • July 19th - Bristol, Louisiana
  • July 20th - London, 93 Feet East
  • July 21st - Birmingham, Glee Club
  • July 23rd - Stockton, Georgian Theatre
  • July 24th - Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire
  • July 25th - Manchester, Night & Day
  • July 27th - Liverpool, Academy
  • July 28th - Northampton, Soundhaus

Rating: 5/10
Website: www.joffwinksband.com


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