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Flatline - Flatline

Reviewed by Rall on 14th September 2005

Flatline are a five piece metal outfit from Pontypridd. But much like your average suit of armour they're a bit cumbersome and clunky in places, but we'll get to that later.

Listening to this CD I can't help but hear the ringing of 'could do better' in my ears. The first two tracks These Scars and From Within do seem to morph into each other a little, the former being the weaker of the two. For some reason the intro is very familiar but other than that - I'm sure this track's great for a bit of snakeyB induced screaming, stamping and howling at the ceiling but I can't condone that kind of behaviour.

By track 3, Getaway, the 'melodic' part finally appears through the metal. It's the best on the CD, although it does seem to drag a little towards the end. I didn't actually notice The Kill start and to be honest, I don't have much to say about it at all.

Flatline come across as being very serious about this rock thing and not in an altogether bad way, but they need to put a little of shine on that clunky metal armour. Something seems to be stopping them for trying to do something a little bit different. Not in a 'let's start wearing clogs and yodelling' way (although there's and idea!) but I reckon with a bit of inspiration and effort they might even pull off being a little bit like SOAD (only a little though, there's only room for one morris troop in world of metal). Needless to say there's no reason why they can't be serious, melodic, metal, emo and interesting at the same time and given the chance Flatline could well get there.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.bandzoogle.com/users/flatlineonline


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