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Colin Mounsey - Panda and Piano EP

Reviewed by Rall on 13th November 2005

A bit of effort with artwork is always appreciated, you cant fault fancy transparency bits, and even more important than that a lovely picture of Meadowhell tramstop! (oh how I miss dreading going there).

There seems to be a lot of new music cropping out of Yorkshire at the moment, not all of it that impressive and mostly on the nu-Britpop side of things, but good ol' Colin here has taken the upbeat sounds of our youf and mixed them in with a bit of serious song writing.

There really are two sides to the Panda and Piano EP - the dark-sounding and scary but ultimately light hearted side of The Mountain, Leaving Hunslet and We Love Pandas (you might like them, but any sensible panda would be terrified by the truck of monks that seem to chanting 'we love pandas' at them in this track) and the more beautiful and emotive sounds of Had Enough, St. Elizabeth and Everyone Said Goodbye.

Had Enough and St. Elizabeth certainly have more than a touch of the Yorke vocals, but luckily without being in the realm of Stars in Their Eyes. Everyone Said Goodbye however, is a sound new to me, and a good one at that.

The only umm... unfortunate track on the EP for me is Message which, I hate to say, sounds a bit like Jamie Cullum. I feel no need to say more. Closing track Leaving Hunslet is a dirge in the best possible sense. I'm pretty sure I'd be happier to leave Hunslet than this.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.colinmounsey.com


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