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No AV On The TV - Blagged My Way To This EP

Reviewed by Ben on 18th May 2006

I'll be the first to admit, I was somewhat sceptical when I first heard about No AV On The TV when a Sheffield Band Night rolled into Lincoln. Upon viewing the band in action, their set was riddled with in-jokes about someones mother, constant swearing at the sound engineer as well as just an arrogant drunken swagger. One would simply dismiss the band as Arctic Monkey wannabes, only on a grandeur low brow level...

... however, the band by every right deserved to be as caustic as they wanted to: the had the music to back up the swagger.

"Blagged My Way To This" EP doesn't feature the immensely popular "Cops 'n' Shops", but contains three songs of equal raucousness. "Kerry W" carries somewhat of a indie-punk vibe to it much in the same vein as early Libertines tracks. Coupled with the somewhat 'common as mook' lyrics (used of the word shite) and the Arctic Monkeys-Esq observation on, in this instance, a woman named Kerry W.

"Sleeping Through Tomorrow" could be called their ballad, and is perhaps the strongest account of their influences they credit (The Cribs and The Libertines, naming two). One could almost mistake it for a B-Side from a Libertines single.

"Back In The Day" has that melodic beat to it that you would associate with The Beatles, again with a hint of The Libertines (in vocals this time, rather than guitar). It's very feel good melodically, almost casting aside the somewhat grim look in "Kerry W"

This band are on the up and up, and it's highly advised to catch them before they become indie-rock supernovas. Seems record labels these days eat up young bands around the Yorkshire area - it would be unfair to say No AV On The TV (and the countless comparisons to their peers) would only be looked on because of a certain other Yorkshire band going huge. No AV On The TV owe a lot more to The Libertines and The Jam, and in an age where everyone wants to be Alex Turner, vocalist Richard Melbourne just wants to be adored (Ian Brown references aside)

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.myspace.com/noavonthetv


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