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Ultraset - 10 Minutes at a Time EP

Reviewed by Dave on 5th August 2006

Ultraset are a three piece from San Francisco, their songs are very melodious (look at me I use big words) and I have enjoyed listening to the three tracks they sent me. However, the tracks fail to engage me on any great level. They don’t make me stop and think “wow”.

The opening track "10 Minutes at a Time" sets up the EP; slow with meandering rhythms, the riff sounds like something from The Psychedelic Furs’ album "All of This and Nothing". The vocals of Jill Jodar are quite similar to those of Richard Butler, except that she lacks the rough edge that Richard had. Being a closet Furs fan I quite enjoyed this opening track.

The second track features another Furs-esque riff and again could be confused for an outtake from "All of This and Nothing" if it weren’t for the female vocals. This is my favourite song from the EP, its more lively that "10 Minutes..." and the middle eight features a decent guitar solo.

"Skirts" is the final song and at first it sounds different from the others, more like Camera Obscura than the Furs, but after a few seconds it slips back into the distinctive 80s electric guitar riffs and Casio keyboards. In this song Jill sounds more like Tanita Tikaram in parts.

Altogether Ultraset are worth having a listen to if you were raised by your parents on 80s electro-pop you might love it. However, if you have an aversion to anything that came out of the 80s I would give them a wide berth. You’ll be missing out on hearing a talented trio though.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.myspace.com/ultraset


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