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Ideamotion - Ideamotion EP

Reviewed by Ben on 6th August 2006

Idealmotion bring to this reporter's mind a conjunction of two styles - there is that heartfelt, almost tear inducing indie sensibility to their sound. And then there are points where their music pulses with a surging, melodic energy one could almost cite as "Power Pop" - the type of sound that would make fans of Matchbox-20 pleased to know someone is actually staking a claim to their mantle.

Daunted by the fact that indeed, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine's chief mixer Brian O'Shaughnessy worked on the band's full length offering, The Fear, The Rush, The Fall, this four track sampler showcases the an eclectic selection from the album. The opening song Accelerator was indeed the track I found to have the power pop similarities. From it's opening feedback to it's almost fuzzed guitar playing, the vocals soar over the chorus, almost like a Kurt Cobain growl without the strain in the voice... or a Billy Corgan harmonic without the whine to it. Yes, I got very excited about the opening track - it echoed early nineties alt.rock.

Planes Trains and Revelate easily can be suggested as a nod to mid nineties alternative act Tripping Daisy, with it's Marr-esque jangly guitar work for the verses and it's overdrive-driven choruses with an open display of heartfelt sentiments from Brian Kelly (vocalist). Bit of trivia here - it was this track which garnered the band six-hundred plays over the course of two days on their MySpace account. And it's also as infectious as most Incubus riffs... (even if you are a hater of Incubus, c'mon... the riffs are catchy)

The band play the token acoustic track with Dubh Linn, although Kelly still has his chance to wail over the music, but add Rob Hennebry's backing vocals and a band stripped down, almost raw but sheltered by a velvety texture of sound and you can forgive them for the inclusion.

With the final, groove-riddled track Head Down and Run surely there as a sing along for those devoted to the band, what we have here is something that's a throwback to early nineties craftsmanship - the guitar work isn't overtly simplistic but nor does it have the complications of a parade of other bands. The vocals can be a tad on the 'wail' side (not quite on the Creed level, thankfully) but they compliment the overall melodies provided on the sampler superbly.

Ideamotion's four tracks live up to the hype. Could this be the next band to break through on MySpace? And are we about to witness the rise of bands such as Goo Goo Doll's and Matchbox-20? One of the hardest working new bands to feature on Rawkstar - let us all hope the album lives up to the EP's promise!

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.myspace.com/ideamotion


Gravatar Tom says:-

hello i think your music is amazing and would lke a cd.


9th November 2007 @ 12:21:23 GMT

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