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Emmy the Great - Demo

Reviewed by Dave on 15th November 2006

I picked up a copy of this 6 track demo when I went to watch Emmy supporting Scott Matthews at the Cockpit earlier this week and I decided that instead of writing a review of the show I would write a review of this rather wonderful demo disc instead.

Emmy’s live shows are simple it’s just herself and a guitar and you can tell from watching her that every part of her is poured into her show. From the moment she steps onto the stage she is doe-eyed and looks terrified, she fixes the crowd with a stare and lets her music do the work. Within seconds crowds fall in love with her folk melodies and the sincerity with which she sings her songs.

Stand out songs from the demo include “Edward is Deadward” a fast paced song that tells the story of a “careless boy” the story in the song is told through offbeat, caustic lyrics, and Emmy snatches at every line like a hungry man might snatch at a Mars bar. “My Party is Better than Yours” is a quirky song about something we all did when we were young, had a party but not invited someone who we deemed to have wronged us recently. The song is slow, meandering and fragile; the melody sounds like it might shatter if you listen too hard, Emmy’s vocals make the song seem more like a child’s taunting and the song is all the better for the way in which Emmy sings it.

Also on the demo is an excellent cover of the Pixies’ “Where is my Mind?” my favourite Pixies song, possibly one of my favourite songs of all time, the track opens with Emmy explaining that you have to guess what this song is and once I realised what it was I smiled. Emmy’s version is more folk and slower paced than the original, her vocals are softer than Frank Black’s but Emmy takes this song and makes it her own.

I first saw her when she was supporting Tilly and The Wall way back in May and from that show on I’ve been waiting for her to come back to Leeds or release an album. Surprisingly she is still unsigned, which just goes to show that record labels need a major kick in the rear end.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.emmythegreat.com


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